Vision Statement


“Educating the whole-child; unshackling aspiration”

Hob Green Primary School is an integral part of the local community to which we are dedicated and through which we derive a strong sense of moral purpose. We understand that education is, above all else, about people. As such, nurture sits at the heart of our ethos and is central to our approach towards all members of our school community. We pride ourselves on the holistic view we take to the education of our pupils, understanding that if a child’s emotional wellbeing and basic needs are not addressed, educational outcomes are likely to fall below the standard we strive to achieve.

All members of staff are supported and encouraged in both their day-to-day practice and their long-term aspirations, with succession planning held in mind at all times. The views of all staff feed into the decision-making process, through well-organised and clear structures of leadership and management. All adults understand, value and celebrate the gift of education and its capacity to transform lives – our staff are optimistic about our pupils’ futures. The challenges posed by the socio-economic circumstances of the community are acknowledged and understood by all staff members and are never used to excuse the delivery - and meeting of - anything less than the very highest of expectations and standards.

Our holistic outlook extends to the educational responsibilities we place upon ourselves. In order for our pupils to enjoy the fulfilling and purposeful lives that we aspire for them to lead, their individual interests, motivations and talents must be identified and responded to. We view our educational remit in the broadest terms - without equipping pupils with a foundation upon which to develop essential life skills recognised throughout society as being essential for success, we will have failed to fully equip them for life in the 21st Century.

The local area and its proud history are celebrated. Pupils understand the important role the people of the borough played in transforming the world during the first and second industrial revolutions. They understand that a strong work ethic and an enterprising spirit is part of our regional culture, and that the opportunity to influence the emerging fourth industrial revolution is within their grasp. In short, our pupils know where they have come from and where they are going.

Hob Green pupils develop a broad range of thinking skills and are equipped with the tools they require to grow into the problem-solvers of tomorrow. By learning to relish challenges and value mistakes as opportunities to learn more, pupils develop character and a secure growth mindset through which they maximise their individual strengths and learn to not fear their weaknesses. By educating the whole-child and unshackling aspiration, we aim to empower our young people to carve out bright futures for themselves.























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